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Looking for a toy puppy breed in Wisconsin? Look no further! Family Dog Puppies is located in rural Ladysmith, Wisconsin, with plenty of space for dogs to run. Founded on a love for dogs, we've been breeding toy puppy breeds in Wisconsin since 2019. We care deeply about the health, well-being and happiness of our dogs & puppies, and want the best life possible for each one of them. We've also launched our brand new pet store! Check it out for high quality dog products to pamper your doggy pal.

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Why family dog puppies?

Family Dog Puppies is a family owned and operated kennel located in rural Ladysmith, Wisconsin. We breed dogs with confidence knowing they will go to their forever home with a healthy start.

We strive to verify that each puppy is well socialized, healthy and well-bred by providing the best care. Our puppies are raised in a loving environment by adults and children from our family, who take turns interacting with them daily to ensure their socialization needs are met.

Health Certified

Our puppies are raised in homes with wholesome and healthy food, plenty of space to play, and lots of love. Our goal is to make sure our sweet little puppies are ready to join your family.

Family Friendly

Our puppies are naturally raised & well socialized in loving homes with kids and other pets, ensuring a calm, confident and well-adjusted puppy that is ready to be part of your family.

Top Rated

We offer a full-service puppy adoption experience for families looking for the perfect family pet! Besides toy dog breeds, we have the complete line of dog products to pamper your new furry pal!

From Our Clients...

We Couldn't Be Happier

- Craig J

Benjamin and Trisha are such nice people and raise excellent puppies! My wife and I were so happy with Penny. She's a handful but doing well and we couldn't be happier. We went to their house and met the parents and liked what we saw. Now, if I can only get some sleep! :)

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