Cocoa -Female Toy Poodle.


Are you looking for a puppy that is the perfect size has a great personality? Then Cocoa is the perfect puppy for you! She is a non-shedding, allergen-friendly toy poodle that will charm you with his sweetness and looks! Schedule a video call with her to see if she is a good fit for you!


Cocoa is fun-loving and playful tiny female chocolate Toy Poodle. She was Born September 29th 2022 and is ready to go to her forever home. Her parents both have great personalities and love scratches from their humans. Cocoa’s dad is a Red Toy Poodle that weighs 7 pounds and is originally from Taiwan. Her Mom is a Chocolate Toy Poodle and weighs 5 pounds and is a great mom. Both parents have awesome hair and are registered.

Cocoa will come with the following.

  • First shots
  • Vet exam
  • Health guarantee
  • Registration papers

She will also come with a free adoption kit which includes the following!

  • Her current food
  • Fleece blanket
  • Her favorite toy
  • There will also be some small items and info in her adoption kit.



Toy Poodle



Adult Size

Toy (4-10lb)



Health Guarantee

  • We guarantee your new puppy for one (1) year against life-threatening congenital defects. If the puppy has a life threatening congenital defect, we will replace your puppy with the first available puppy of the same value from the seller, as soon as possible.
  • We guarantee for 72 hours only that the puppy is free of contagious diseases. Since the seller no longer controls the environment, there is no guarantee beyond 72 hours for contagious diseases.


  • Replacement puppies will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. We will work with the buyer to ensure satisfaction, but reserve the right to offer the replacement puppy from different parents.
  • Buyer understands that the puppy is susceptible to contagious diseases, including parvovirus, and agrees to keep all vaccinations and de-worming up to date. All puppies are at risk for coccidiosis and kennel cough and should be keep in a clean environment to ensure their safety. Kennel cough is self-limiting, like the common cold, and must run its course. Full recovery is expected, and on its own is not life threatening.
  • Certain disorders may be caused by environmental factors, such as, but not limited to, allergies, demodectic mange, thyroid dysfunction, and other auto-immune disorders and will not be covered by this guarantee.

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About Toy Poodles

Are you looking for a non-shedding, allergen-friendly dog that’s easy to train and loves people and other pets? Then the Toy Poodle is definitely for you. These adorable curly-coated puppies are super smart and make excellent therapy and companion dogs.

Toy Poodle History 

Poodles originated in Germany, where they were bred and used as retrieving water dogs. With its elegance and intelligence, the poodle became a popular breed among the French nobles and in other parts of Europe. Because of their trainable, attention-loving nature and showy looks, poodles were often used in the circus.

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